Understanding your electricity invoice

When you take out an electricity subscription with an energy supplier, electricity bills are sent out regularly in paper or electronic form. These invoices summarise the total amount to be paid, including the subscription price and the amount consumed in kWh. It can be tricky to understand the information on an electricity invoice. NordEnergie offers assistance so that everyone can figure out all the information on their contract and manage their electricity bills efficiently.

Understanding the information on your NordEnergie invoice

Your invoice looks like this:

First page of your electricity bill: essential information

The supply period, the amount of your invoice as well as the balance of your account on the date of the invoice are listed on this first page. You will also find the contact details of our Service Line there.

Second page of your electricity bill: details of your consumption

Information about your consumption, your subscription to nova naturstroum or any other product and service, a potential Connect discount (see below), metering costs as well as taxes are listed on this second page.

Information on the third page of your bill

On this page, you will find the historical evolution of your consumption, news, and depending on the method of payment you have chosen, a payment slip or a direct debit notice.

Pay your electricity bills in a flash with your smartphone!

Use Payconiq on your smartphone to pay your energy bills. Simple and fast, this system will enable you to pay in direct debit from your current account.

Paying with Payconiq is easy. Launch your Payconiq application and scan the QR code printed on your invoice with your smartphone.

You will then receive the payment information.

After validation through your PIN code, the payment is automatically made by direct debit from your bank account. To download your bank’s Payconiq application, go to the App Store or Google Play Store.

The QR code does not appear on direct debit invoices.

Understanding the composition of your bill

Final electricity prices are subject to changes in energy market prices, but also, to a large extent, to various costs that are not determined by the supplier. These include the regulated charges for the use of the grids accepted by an ILR regulation (Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation), as well as the various taxes set by the public authorities.

Your naturstroum electricity tariff is composed as follows:

Energy price:
Monthly premium:
Connect discount:
- 30.00
Network usage fees:
Monthly network access fee:
Compensation mechanism:
Tax on consumption:
Total excl. VAT:
VAT 8%:
Total incl. VAT:

*Price calculated with the connect discount for a consumption of 4000 kWh/year as of 17/07/2024.

What factors have an impact on your electricity bill?


Energy (NordEnergie)

  • Energy price: price of electricity corresponding to your consumption.
  • Monthly premium: costs related to the provision of the supply service.


  • Network usage fees*: cost of transportation and distribution of electricity from the generation sites to the final customer.
  • Monthly network access fee*: charges for metering (meter rental and costs related to the management of metering data) as well as the provision of the subscribed power or intensity.


  • Compensation mechanism*: is used to support projects for the production of electrical energy from renewable energy sources or cogeneration.
  • Tax on consumption: calculated according to consumption, its rate is set by the State Budget Act.

* accepted/fixed by ILR regulation (Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation)

Less paper for a more eco-friendly communication

In order to reduce the environmental impact, since 1st June 2016, we no longer send out advance payment invoices in paper form to customers who subscribe to a direct debit. On your annual statement, still in paper form and with all the details of your consumption, we will indicate the amounts and planned debit dates for future advance payments.

Invoices by e-mail

You do not have a direct debit but you would still like to receive your advance payments electronically in PDF format?

Simply contact our Serviceline to activate this option.

Connect discount

By opting for the Paperless invoice and SEPA direct debit, the Connect discount offers you an additional €1 discount on your invoice for a total of €2.5 monthly discount.

my.nordenergie.lu portal: consult your invoices at any time, and much more!

With my.nordenergie, you have the possibility to access your account data easily from anywhere.

On smartphone, tablet or PC, access the following features at a glance:

  • View and download your invoices
  • View your consumption data
  • Change your personal data (telephone, email, communication address, date of birth)
  • Activate a SEPA mandate with digital signature
  • Subscribe to the Connect discount
  • Change your billing method
  • Report a move

Pay as you go: opt for a new billing method

If you only want to pay for the energy you actually use, you can opt for the “pay as you go” option. You will receive a monthly bill for the past month’s consumption. This will be monitored by the smart meter.

To choose this billing method, go to your my.NordEnergie.lu profile.

Please note that this option is only available for electricity.

New customer?

You are not yet an NordEnergie customer but you would like to take out a contract? Follow this link.

Already a customer?

Are you already an NordEnergie customer? Take all the necessary steps in your customer area.

New customer?

You are not yet an NordEnergie customer but you would like to take out a contract? Follow this link.

Already a customer?

Are you already an NordEnergie customer? Take all the necessary steps in your customer area.

You are a professional, find an answer to your needs.

How can I find out about my consumption?

If you have a my.enovos.lu account, you can consult the evolution and details of your consumption at any time by going to the “Consumption” tab of the customer portal.

If you do not have an account and you receive your bills in paper format, you will find information on your consumption on the second page, and on the third page the historical evolution of your consumption. This trend is also shown on the statement of account that you receive in paper format once a year.