On our way towards the energy transition 

Measure accurately your consumption or electricity production is possible thanks to your "smart meters"!

Technological progress, optimised management of resources and transparency; these are the key words of the process of setting up smart meters but also those of a much more complex process: the energy transition!

As part of a complex package, the implementation of smart meters began several years ago. It all started with the installation of these new meters in every household, representing a total of 300,000 installations over 3 years!

Today, even though the path to energy transition is still far from complete, the smart features of your smart meters are ready to be activated!

The advantages of your smart meter:

It allows you to better manage your energy

Thanks to the visualisation of your consumption on my.nordenergie.lu, you will be able to detect consumption peaks, changes compared to previous years and thus adapt your consumption in order to save money.

No need to read your meter

Remote reading of your meter will save you from having to report your meter reading annually, or make an appointment for home reading. However, you will still benefit from the "read by customer" discount if you have activated it in the past.

Monthly billing of your actual consumption

Do you want to pay only for the energy you actually consume? NordEnergie will soon offer you the possibility of receiving a monthly invoice for your actual consumption. To join, simply contact us, opt for paperless billing and SEPA direct debit.

Coordination of supply and demand

Thanks to smart meters and smart grids, the distribution of energy resources will be optimized. Production, consumption, storage: energy can be distributed intelligently and exploited in a more sustainable and efficient way.

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